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About Us

Founded in the United States three decades ago, OWS is a leading global provider of automotive services. While the company initially offered a broad range of services, today its primary focus is on delivering sustainable solutions to government and corporate fleets. These services include first response, parts remanufacturing, and fleet maintenance repair and overhaul.


OWS strives to be a pioneering leader in the global automotive industry, delivering excellence through sustainable remanufacturing, unique solutions, and state-of-the-art systematization. The company is dedicated to setting new standards for environmental responsibility and technological innovation, with the ultimate goal of becoming the foremost provider of automotive solutions worldwide.


OWS is committed to delivering cutting-edge, competitive automotive solutions of the highest caliber. The company's innovative approach combines advanced quality engineering with sustainable remanufacturing processes, ensuring that its solutions are both environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

We Understand Automotive

OWS Auto has a proven track record with Savings to UAE Government of greater than AED 1 Billion with a significant portfolio of satisfied clients.

A worldwide network of experienced executives and partners

Direct relationships with tier one automotive suppliers

Exclusive Maintenance Supplier to the Government Departments in UAE

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